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Your portfolio will likely then be invested in one of two ways: active or passive. As soon as your investment develops, you will begin to earn interest on the principal of the bank loan of yours. This kind of investment is good for those who would like to buy the extended but don’t want to have to do much. However, it does get an interest rate that relies on your balance of money (more on that below). For passive investments, the platform immediately buys as well as sells investments for you.

In the mobile app, if you tap signup, you need to stick to the instructions shown here. For each app account you register, you can designate an API key element. When you own numerous wallets, you can include them all under one API key and connect to them all. to be able to hook up your Stellar network account to the app, you will need to open a connection on the mobile app, and also register the app’s api key. In this particular context, we’ve the idea of a « token holder share », that could be viewed as a special cryptocurrency much like an equity share.

In the example below, we can see the borrower has borrowed 200 BTC from the lender, and will need paying it also at the conclusion of the mortgage. From the example of ours, we have a token holder share, but if you were to use a « fixed rate » model, it will are like this: If the token holder share is trading at 10 per token, subsequently the borrower will pay a 10 % penalty rate every month, and will receive.9 tokens per month.

Why token holders are more profitable compared to borrowers. In case of default, the lender could subsequently quickly seize the whole value of the mortgage (minus the fee/penalty if the token holder share price is less than it was in time of loan approval). As a mortgage, the token holder shares enable the borrower to get more of the token in exchange for having to pay a fixed monthly rate, rather than gaining interest as in the normal interest based loan model.

What is a token holder share? If the rate remains high enough for the borrower to repay their loan, then they can readily make up for the damage and pay only.5 tokens a month for two seasons. In the event of any crash, however, the token holder’s share price may well drop considerably, with a resulting penalty rate of 50 % for instance. Instead of offering the assets of yours to get cash, which could result in missed future gains, you can maintain your crypto holdings while continually accessing liquidity.


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