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Other Endorsements: The following is a listing of some of the companies and those who endorsed Dan Helmer for State Representative: When you haven’t voted for me before, now permit me to encourage you to do so now! – Michael McCarty, President Elect, Prince William County Democratic Committee Dan Helmer is the sole candidate with the knowledge to deal with our region’s most brilliant needs. With absolutely no doubt, I’d endorse Dan in the General Election.

– Dan Helmer, 2024 Democratic Candidate for House District one. The range of the committee is almost endless: the president makes recommendations to the Committee to be able to invest the funds appropriated by Congress, the spending budget, taxes, spending, health care, transportation, food stamps, veterans’ issues, immigration, housing, education, energy, along with several crucial subject matter. The Committee might even supply a forum for people to raise issues with the policies of their elected representatives, in an effort to bring the will of individuals closer to the policy decisions of Congress.

The Committee oversees matters of national value and oversees the functionality of programs administered by the Executive Branch. He’s smart and hard working and also knows the way to win elections. And very best of all, he never manages to lose a vote. You just have to have confidence in the fellow that has been on the floor of the House of Delegates representing the interests of yours in Fairfax and Annandale for the final 2 years.

– Jim Whelan, President of the Loudoun County Democratic Central Committee You do not be forced to know who Dan Helmer is or possibly what he stands for. He doesn’t play around. He’s Chairman of 4 Committees: Energy and Homeland Security, and Education Reform, the Workforce, Education and Commerce. House committee chair is Rep. He is additionally the ranking member of 9 additional Committees: Agriculture, Armed Services, Labor and Education, Foreign Affairs, Health, Education, Small Business, and Science.

Fought refer to this article block the appointment of Gina Haspel to be the director of the CIA on account of her role in the Bush administration’s torture program. Austin III (Ret.), former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army Supported the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act including provisions that increase access to mental health services for veterans. He supports increasing opportunities for entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses receive federal government contracts.

How has Dan Helmer addressed economic problems in Virginia? He will invest in the education and also training of hometown workers to assist them gain the capabilities they have to thrive in our changing economy.


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